lunedì 29 gennaio 2018

Glimpses II

here it is, on my working table!
The test seems going very well and so it is ready for the print.
In a few weeks it will be available in Milano, Bellinzona
and online as well.

I'm so happy, because it seems that the firsts hands which touched it
are very pleased too, about this second creature of mine!

 it is quite shy and it couldn't help but hide behind the little branch
it feels far more at ease in the woods, like a fox...

sabato 27 gennaio 2018

Libreria della Natura

Glimpses I

è tornato alla Libreria della Natura!
le nuove copie sono state calorosamente accolte,
così tanto che anche il secondo leporello non vede l'ora
di raggiungere questo splendido posto nel cuore di Milano

. . .

lunedì 22 gennaio 2018

in paper and ink...

the print-test is on its way,
we are really very very close to
Glimpses II, in paper and ink!

Glimpses II

Glimpses II
un assaggio...

in the mountain, among the trees, and the branches,
in the dark among the branches at dawn or dusk, 
the silence is full of the delicate tiny sounds of the life around us.
Invisible creatures, if you are just passing by. 
But if you stop a little, you'll start to see...

domenica 21 gennaio 2018

faint images & deep memories

Glimpses II, pieces...

sketches, feelings, lichen
some kind of faint images and deep memories together

. quite ready for the print-test .

remembrance of a fox

A little snow tonight, just to see some white around,
and more than ever this fox remind me the evenings at the window, 
in Zurich, waiting for the fox to come and stroll around in the white 
of the field - a magic appearence - leaving faint, almost invisible 
footprints  and disappear in the dark shadow of a bush

the waiting ...
as the time between an apparition and another
collapsed in some kind of eternity

( Glimpses II )

sabato 20 gennaio 2018

an expression for the inexpressible

coming back to the drawings, putting pieces together,
and resuming the feelings I felt in that very moment,
that was - that is - as something without time...
and trying to find 'an expression for the inexpressible'
. . .

"Time has become once more that light-footed and
invisible procession, making its way through being."

(Sylvain Tesson)

Glimpses II