domenica 7 maggio 2017

tiny fragments, inside our eyes

"George showed me how to look at the distinctive habit and shape of each tree, even the exact shade of its leaves, and to recognize how different each one is from its neighbours of the same species. [...] Having come to know this place intimately, he said that what struck him was its mutability: a flower you knew was there one year wasn't there the next, but something new was there instead. The dynamic ways of nature impressed him more and more."

"With my face close to the turf I observed a faint mist rising from clumps of tiny flowers peopled with tiny insects: yellow tormentil, stonecrop, sage, thyme, sorrel, bell heather, foxglove, innumerable grasses, mosses, twayblade and heath bedstraw (now rumpled bedstraw) where I had been lying."

(Roger Deakin) after day, these tiny fragments of woodland 
remain somewhere in the inner part of our eyes, 
among our cells, as a part of ourselves

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