sabato 23 settembre 2017

behind the white

There's a lot of images in this blog, and few words. 
I would like now to tell something about what I did, 
what it is that lies behind the pencil and the colours, 
and expecially behind the white.

"Glimpses" is something caught from the corner of the eyes - and ears.
Something that remains. A memory of the wood, not just a wood,
but different woods, the woods where I usually go for a walk - and every woods.
It is that very moment in which you stop, motionless, looking at the rustle,
every sense sharpened in endless seconds, waiting for something to happen.
Something maybe will appear, or will not, not at the eyes. And sometimes
you come in touch with that "something" in a kind of auditive way,
not less intense than sight, and something magic is stuck in your memory,


This project is quite different from my usual kind of artworks because it is born
in a different way. It is born from the idea of the "memories". I start drawing
bringing to light my memories of some instants, the nearest and the ones afar
in time, and in space too, memories of evening walks and moments spent
in places I love. I worked in a messy way, with different techniques, trying
to put together what was important for me.

When it was the time to start composing the puzzle, and define the first leporello,
it became clear to me that I wouldn't leave the drawing as they are, because
the images were just crystallized instants, but the thought - the memory - has not
a linear shape, it doesn't cut off "pure" fragments; I think it works more in a multitude
of layers, not sharply overlying. And it is as if these layers of memories slip one above
the other, with the flow of time, and so some of them will go missing in the depth,
others will remain in surface, because they are more linked with emotions.
This is what I tried to do, this is "Glimpses I".

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